Digital Print Center


Our Photo Kiosk in our Cold Spring Store allows you to make high quality prints or enlargements in seconds from your phone, tablet, digital camera media, CD, DVD, or existing photos. No need to wait! Just walk up, do it yourself, and get picture perfect prints quickly and easily right in the store.

  • Speed - Create, edit and print your pictures or enlargements in seconds!
  • Convenience - Make prints directly from your cell phone, iPad or tablet, most USB devices, camera cards, CD, or scan of your old photos

Formats - Print pictures from a variety of digital sources, including:

  • Compact Flash
  • XD Picture Card
  • microSD
  • MS Duo
  • MF Micro
  • EX-S5
  • USB Flash
  • Cell Phone
  • iPad
    • Tablet
      • CD
        • DVD
          • Directly from your Facebook account

          You can also save pictures to CD or DVD to safely archive your images and make room for more pictures on your media.

          • Choose from Glossy or Matte prints.
          • Print sizes: 4×6, 4×8, 5×7, 8×10 or 8×12
          • Put text, borders or clip art on prints.
          • Print greeting cards, passport photos, calendars, index prints, collages, and photo packages.