Accepted Insurance Programs

Drug World accepts virtually all major third party prescription plans, and we are always accepting new contracts. We accept PCS, Caremark, Express Scripts, New York Employees, Medicaid and many more. Please contact your local Drug World to inquire if your plan is accepted.


Professional Pharmacy

  • Special orders
  • Medical information
  • Health related programs including diabetes, asthma and pain management
  • Consultation services - Medication and Medical Equipment needs
  • Flexible delivery services
  • Medication reviews
  • Durable medical equipment and supplies
  • Ability to meet each patient's needs for compounding
  • We bill for Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurances


Everyone knows that it's no fun being sick and that it's not always easy to take medicine. When your child is sick, the last thing you need is for the medicine to taste like medicine. That's where FLAVORx comes to the rescue. Taking medicine can now be a more pleasant experience. While we know that medicine isn't candy, it really helps if it tastes like bubblegum or grape. There are many flavors to choose from - apple to watermelon, and everything in between - because we know that peoples' tastes are as unique as they are. Using FLAVORx will not only make the medicine taste better, but will also lead to quicker recovery. Medicines flavored with FLAVORx lead to greater compliance. Your Drug World Pharmacist will gladly help you flavor your next prescription or over-the-counter medication.

Delivery Service

Let us make getting your order even easier! Our Delivery Service can deliver your order right to your home or office. Call and speak to your Drug World store manager for more details. Click here for locations and phone numbers. Or, try our convenient online refills!

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Department of Motor Vehicles On-Line Vision Screening

Need a vision test for your New York State Drivers License? Drug World locations are registered with the DMV and can administer a quick vision test for on-line submission.

Home Health Care Center(Cold Spring Store Only)

Drug World Home Health Care Center stocks a wide range of home health products. You can find crutches, wheelchairs, diabetic products, and more to help you take care of a loved one or for yourself. Our Home Care staff is trained to help you find the right product to suit you needs in a style that fits your personality.


Medical ID

If you have ongoing medical conditions, drug or food allergies, or are taking multiple medicines, you're a candidate for a medical ID. In an emergency, when you might not be able to speak for yourself, a medical ID bracelet or necklace speaks for you. Click here to find out more


Animal Care Problems? We can help!

We cater to cats, canines, colts, and cockatoos. Drug World Pharmacies can prepare innovative, economical, easy-to-use dosage forms for animals. We don't practice veterinary medicine, but we do help veterinarians and animal care specialists solve a variety of medication problems. Using modern technology, innovative medication dosing devices and new drug delivery systems, Drug World Pharmacies creates a huge number of alternative dosage forms.