A Timeless Philosophy

Caring... service... choice. These are timeless values in an age where we have somehow come to expect less. As the Home Health Care Center at Drug World, expect more of what you want and need.

The very same philosophy that opened Drug World Pharmacies 30 years ago, applies today -- to both our Pharmacies and our Home Health Care Center. It is a style of service that thrives on one-to-one relationships that have become rare in this mass-merchandise environment, where the personal touch has been replaced by impersonal warehouses and faceless telephone salespersons.

We feel strongly that the healthcare business is different from other businesses. A dignified approach and intelligent counsel are paramount when purchasing healthcare-related goods. At the Home Health Care Center, we continually evaluate our products and services, respond to customer needs, and embrace new ideas to remain on the cutting edge of patient care delivery in the home environment.

Expect more at the Home Health Care Center at Drug World.

Quality care, superior service, greater choice.